Monday, February 22, 2010

A Brithday Cake for Michael

I was looking for something delicious to make this year. Last year I made this cake:

This year I decided I want some that made your mouth water and would be less time consuming to make. I toyed with some strawberry cakes, a lemon chiffon, a pumpkin cake, and Michael choose a german chocolate cake.

I decided to make it all the way from scratch. If you think box cakes taste the same as a homemade cake, you're wrong. Very wrong. And if you think they aren't worth the extra work, well you're wrong again. At least not with this German Chocolate Cake recipe. It wasn't to hard and it was so delicious. You will never taste a box cake this good.

I layer the cake by creating a flood wall. (a thick pipe of frosting around the edge) and then smeared some still hot and run traditional German chocolate cake icing-- from the same recipe. Then I iced the sides with Creamy Chocolate Icing, very quickly. I filled the top with the rest of the GCC frosting and tried to be decorative with the pecans. I really put together and iced this cake in about 25 minutes. I wish I would have had more time!! But it still makes your mouth water doesn't it?

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