Monday, February 1, 2010

Black Crocheted Blanket - Repurposed

So, I started this blanket back before I was married and never finished it.  While I pregnant with Landen, I finally had enough of it laying around unfinished and just finished it.  It was crocheted with a half-double, which is a small thick stitch and made the blanket fairly hot.  Looking back, this was probably not the best idea.  I decided I hated it. I'm ashamed to say that it was so poorly done! The edges weren't straight, and I didn't know much about dye-lots. I stopped and started it so many times too!  LOL, So this is what the mess looked like.

I couldn't really stand this blanket and the only function it served was under a sheet on the airbed when company came to stay.  But the yarn is really nice and it was expensive.  So, after much contemplation I decided to re-purpose the yarn into another blanket.

This time around I decided to do a granny square with size K hook. I choose the particular block because,
1. It's easy.
2. It hides flaws in the yarn (from undoing the blanket)
3. It hides mistakes.
4. Since it's blocks it makes it easier to make a square blanket.
5.  I think if I shuffled around the different shades I could get it to look pretty good and not as tacky.

My new goal was to have to blocks completed by the end of January.  I'm proud to announce that 137 blocks later, I finished my last one last night!!  Here they are, stacking against the wall.

So, My next dilemma is this: how to sew them together.  I started out with a full/queen size blanket, and I now I have 137 5-inch blocks.  While I would make a few more to get the exact number I need, I don't want to be crocheting the 123 blocks I would need to make it the same size as before. 

I do have enough to make a smaller twin size blanket, but I'm not sure what purpose that would serve at my house where we have a queen size bed and a crib.  I thought about making a throw, but that would make either 1 really big one or 2 smaller ones.  I was thinking about making one all black, and then maybe getting red or white and making a checkerboard out of the other one.  But my living room color scheme doesn't match, so the next question is who wants one?

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