Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm on a mission

I'm on a mission of change.

Lately, I've felt a little off my game.

Completely disorganized.  A little lazy and easily distracted.

Do you have those moments when you know you should be doing something, but you're not exactly sure what it is you should do?  Me.All.The.Time. 

So I'm on mission to get back on the wagon and get more organized and my house a little cleaner, my kids scheduled a little better and life a little less.... 'loose.'

So, My first project is a house organization binder.

1. First, I wanted to gather together everything I need to run my house in one place.  It seems a little scattered.  I got my menu planner on the fridge, my cleaning chart in my head, my calendar drifts here and there and I started putting my gift-giving lists in my finance binder.  So, all in one place and easy to find.

2.  I wanted to get parts of it out on paper.  Like our cleaning list. And our routines.  I mean, what if I fell off the face of the earth? At least, my husband would know where to begin... or grandparents.  I figured it could be useful to baby-sitters too.   I'm a visual person too.  So, being able to see those routines and planners would help me to get more done.

As I began searching around for some ideas,  I found these great sites!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This will NEVER happen Again.

So, this summer I attended BYU-I's Education Week.  There was a lot of great classes.  I particularly enjoyed one taught by Marie Ricks called "House of Order."

One lesson was about planning.  She posed a challenge to live each day twice, once to plan the day and the other to live it.  At the end of the day, we should review the day and ask ourselves, 'What happened today that I never want to happen again and what can I do to prevent it?'

I've been trying to do better planning. One day, I was thinking, 'I usually don't have anything that horrible happen that I never want it to happen again.  But occasionally I do...'

I've had one of those weeks.  Monday it came to my attention that, I never want to slip into the fry-daddy and spill rancid oil over my new workout shoes.

Really, I never want that to happen. So what I am I going to do to prevent it?

I PLEDGE to NEVER let my pantry floor be cluttered so bad I can't get into my pantry. 

That means, it will never look like this: 

And this is after, I cleaned up the spilled out.  I didn't exactly think about grabbing my camera before I cleaned it up.  See the paper towels? That's where the fry-daddy use to sit.  I went to grab something off a top shelf, and I slipped into the fry-daddy and saturated my shoe. (And it stinks.)

When was the last time you cleaned up spilled oil? What a mess!

I'm not one of those people that gets mad, I get even.   So I took everything out of closet. EVERYTHING.  It looked like the pantry threw up all over the kitchen.

After all my effort-- throwing away plenty and organizing. Well, It paid off.  The pantry looks like this:

  I love it.  Except that Landen can move a chair in there and reach things I don't want him to.  Haha. Bet you didn't see that coming! I truly love it.  I love being organized and having floor space! It's inspiring to do more and be more organized.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Madison's Blanket

I made my newest niece a nice cozy minkee blanket. I swore I would never sew with minkee again, but somehow I got suckered. Maybe because it matched so good and seemed so perfectly girly without being all binky and babyish. Maybe because it's so stinkin' soft.  Maybe I secretly needed to conquer the challenge of minkee and make it work.  Either way I did.  I did find better success this time... my mom introduced me to basting spray.  I may sew with minkee again, but only if I can afford basting spray.
I think I may have outdone myself anyway.  It's super cute, and I machine quilted around the flowers and then I bound it, by hand.   I did need a creative outlet, but a small blanket got turned into a project and I don't think I could top it!  I want one! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Be A Happy One

I attended a Relief Society Meeting a few weeks back.  Someone shared a short thought and a few things stuck with me.

She made a comment about a headline she saw,
"Stop Worrying about being a Better MOM, and Just Be a Happy One!"

I've thought a lot about that.  I think that many of us are naturally good mothers.  I think that by making living the gospel and teaching our children to love the gospel, the small stuff falls into place.  AND I think it's important to teach our children to BE HAPPY BY EXAMPLE.  Raising children is suppose to be a joy.  It is a joy, it is also very challenging.  I want me kids to know that I love them and I love being with me.  I can do this by being happier around them.  And same with my husband.  A lesson to learn, but it's harder to implement. 

Another part of the thought added another book to my "To-Read" List. 


Another Sister shared about some things she learned about the Relief Society presidents.  And it made me realize that I really don't know very much about these women.  I know Relief Society is important, but I have done very little reading about it.  This sister shared her testimony about how knowing these women has strengthened her and her testimony of Relief Society.  So, it's on my read list. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stain Glass Butterflies.

My friend Emily over at Bits of Everything posted this stain glass craft she did with her kids during spring break.  And Made posted about her paper butterfly sanctuary.

So I thought, why not?  We made stain glass butterflies. 

This made me a little nervous...

I could just hear my mother telling me not to do it.  But I thought, 'I'm the mom and I say let's do it!' We started out with about 4 butterflies, but we ended up making 12.

But here's what I'll add to Emily's instructions. Get your crayons out.  Make sure they look like this:

Yep, the old broken ones with the paper peeled off.  It's a great way to use those.. that you hate, but can't bring yourself to throw out.

I put my gridle on even cooler than Emily's, because Landen is pretty young.  You had to press a little harder but they still worked out well.

Hopefully, it means these butterflies can chase away our snow and bring us some spring!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Activity Day Service Project

For Activity Days yesterday, we went to "Aid for Friends."  It's a homeless shelter in Pocatello.  We learned a few things, and helped organize and put together hygiene kits.

First, we learned what item the shelter needs most-- Toilet Paper. It makes sense, but I never would have thought of it. The girls want to organize a toilet paper drive for the ward.  I'm excited for them, but it seems kinda funny, usually you have a book drive, or a clothing drive.

Second, we learned that besides the Pocatello shelter, there is one in Idaho Falls, and then the next closest is Ogden, Utah - almost 2 hours away.  This part of the country they are scarce-- but that also makes a little sense, since it's not really populated.  Like, where are you going to put one on I-15 between here and Odgen?  Also, ours gets overcrowded in the winter time.  They have beds for about 20-25 guests. They have had around 40 people sleeping there every night this month.  Many are on cots and bed rolls, but they are just happy to get out of the cold.

Third, we put together about 100 hygiene kits.  They are like little overnight grab-bags for the guests.  They have a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and maybe some deodorant, floss, mouthwash, razors, etc. And our girls did this in less than an hour!  For the most part, they were really cheerful and had a good time!

So, if we start asking for toilet paper....

Monday, January 31, 2011

People Observation

I guess I'm a people watcher.  Not that I like to go to the mall and watch people, more like I just observe their behavior. 

And weird things always seem to happen in front of me.

They are renting the downstairs apartment in our house.  My window over the kitchen sink looks out to the driveway. So, I'm looking out the window washing dishes in the middle of the day.

And a guy in a white jimmy drives up, gets out, lets his dog out and starts looking around. The apartment is one of those weird numbers- 139 1/2 - not A or B or downstairs-- and it's not well marked so we get lots of people asking us where it is (or just walking into our house, but that's another story).

The guy starts walking toward the backyard.  He shuffles his feet and watches his dog. Then he just calls his dog, loads up and leaves.

For real.  He pulled into our driveway, let his dog out to his business and LEFT.

And I have all these thoughts and I really want to march out there and ask him.  They keep bouncing around in my head.  Like; hello! at least pick up the poop will you?  do you really think that's socially acceptable? do you do this often? why did you chose our house? Is something wrong with you?

I'm not sure I wouldn't come off condescending and rude, but still....  

I told my friend, who lives further down the street, about this incident. I thought it was pretty weird,and at least something to laugh out.  But she comes up with all these things that would have made it okay.  Like, maybe he knew the neighbors, (that they don't live there anymore).  Or maybe he owned the property or maybe he use to live here. 

Would it really still be okay?   Really, is that kind of behavior ever okay?       

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Journals. Part 2.

Part 2: Benefits.

I found this article really insightful about the benefits of keeping a journal.  Did you know keeping a journal can:

- help you deal with emotional pressures
- can also be a tool for self-evaluation and self-improvement.
- experiences gain validity by being recorded.

This article, names more benefits of journaling.  Scott says,

"Journaling allows people to clarify their thoughts and feelings, thereby gaining valuable self-knowledge. It’s also a good problem-solving tool; oftentimes, one can hash out a problem and come up with solutions more easily on paper. Journaling about traumatic events helps one process them by fully exploring and releasing the emotions involved, and by engaging both hemispheres of the brain in the process, allowing the experience to become fully integrated in one’s mind.

As for the health benefits of journaling, they've been scientifically proven. Research shows the following:

•Journaling decreases the symptoms of asthma, arthritis, and other health conditions.
•It improves cognitive functioning.
•It strengthens the immune system, preventing a host of illnesses.
•It counteracts many of the negative effects of stress."

Pretty cool if you ask me.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Journals. Part 1

PART 1: Background Information

Michael and I maintain journals,though neither one of us is really consistent at it.  Michael told me, he dreads it because he feels like he has so much "catching up" to do.  I'm better, but I feel like I'm missing a lot.  See, I have a stack of about 4 journals -- one for my goals, one fore scripture reading, one as personal journal and one as a family journal. Our family blog helps because many times it acts like a family journal and I try to post 1-2 times a week.  But it's overwelming to try and keep 4 journals!  I honestly keep them in 3 different books, but I've thought about going to a "all-in-one" method but I wonder if that would be too messy for me.

As much as I love to take pen to paper and just write, I don't find myself doing it like I should to keep all those journals the way I should.  But each type of journal is important to me.  So, here's an overview of the types of journals I have been keeping and I think I will continue in these areas.

Personal HistoryWe decided we really wanted to work on our personal histories.  During a sunday school lesson, one man shared how he does his personal history.  He started by brainstorming a timeline of his life.. just major events that had happened. This started out as sort of a Table of Contents. Then, each Sunday he would take one of those events and write about it.  If he remembered any other events, he would keep adding to that timeline and keep writing about them.  He said it took awhile, but soon he felt like he had a good personal history,but he continues to add to it.  Our goal is start on our personal histories, and start a family history this way.  Wouldn't that be neat to have on your parents? or grandparents?  I want this for my prosperity to know who I am, the world I live in, and to learn from me and my experience.  I also want to start/continue this for my children.  My mom made me a baby book, and it is one of the best resources to find out about me as a baby.  I'd love this for my children and maybe something a little more.  

Scripture Study or Tender Mercies Journal
I saw this article on, and absolutely loved her journals. It made me feel guilty, and yet gave me like a glimpse of what could be, yet I know I will never be that neat and clean and cute and organized. My brain jumps all over the place and my handwriting is sloppy trying to catch up. (randomly did you know I can type one thing and be talking about another?) I started a scripture study journal when I was in seminary, it was helpful to me mostly just because my mind goes a mile and minute and I had a hard time concentrating on my scripture study, but having to journal about it- even just summarize it- engaged my mind.  I just think that if I could engage my mind like and come out with something like her journals.  I would be way more spirtualized.    I also mesh my 'tender mercies' or just a record of the way I have found the Lord blessing my life and my family and the way the Holy Ghost promopts, comforts and guides me with my scripture journal.  I find this extremely important to building my testimony because it helps me remember those moments.

I also keep a journal about my goals.  Really.  I'm not always as self-motivated as I seem. One day, I decided what I really motivates me is accountability. So, to make many of my personal goals more accountable, I started to write them down, track my progress and accomplishment.  Some of these goals are very easy; like lose 5 lbs, keep the house cleaner.  Some are not so easy; like be more compassionate, be a better mother or wife. Either way it helps me break them down and be accountable daily for my goals. Maybe one day I will get to be the person I want to be...    

Dear Readers,
What journals do you keep? Why?
Anymore you would suggest? Any I can do without?
Do you keep yours in seperate books or are you all-in-one?