Monday, January 31, 2011

People Observation

I guess I'm a people watcher.  Not that I like to go to the mall and watch people, more like I just observe their behavior. 

And weird things always seem to happen in front of me.

They are renting the downstairs apartment in our house.  My window over the kitchen sink looks out to the driveway. So, I'm looking out the window washing dishes in the middle of the day.

And a guy in a white jimmy drives up, gets out, lets his dog out and starts looking around. The apartment is one of those weird numbers- 139 1/2 - not A or B or downstairs-- and it's not well marked so we get lots of people asking us where it is (or just walking into our house, but that's another story).

The guy starts walking toward the backyard.  He shuffles his feet and watches his dog. Then he just calls his dog, loads up and leaves.

For real.  He pulled into our driveway, let his dog out to his business and LEFT.

And I have all these thoughts and I really want to march out there and ask him.  They keep bouncing around in my head.  Like; hello! at least pick up the poop will you?  do you really think that's socially acceptable? do you do this often? why did you chose our house? Is something wrong with you?

I'm not sure I wouldn't come off condescending and rude, but still....  

I told my friend, who lives further down the street, about this incident. I thought it was pretty weird,and at least something to laugh out.  But she comes up with all these things that would have made it okay.  Like, maybe he knew the neighbors, (that they don't live there anymore).  Or maybe he owned the property or maybe he use to live here. 

Would it really still be okay?   Really, is that kind of behavior ever okay?       

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