Monday, April 19, 2010

More on my classes...

Haha. Maybe I just think you all can relate to these ideas.

I have a hard chemistry class, that I have enjoyed a little. He is participating in this new system of class review that happen 4 times during the semester and are more specific to the class. He also gets the results sooner... like a few days later. He usually posts about his response to them, and addresses an specific issues. Needless to say, his last posts addresses 3 of the answers I gave specifically. I don't know if other students gave similar answers or if my answers just bugged him. It just makes me squirm a little bit, like someone talking to you about something that was suppose to be confidential. While he never did address me specifically, I sorta felt like it. (P.S. I got another perfect score on my 2nd test... go Angela!)

I have a Parent-Child Relations class too. We have to participate in class discussions every week. Sometimes I get frustrated because I get messed up which week we are suppose to be in because some students went and posted all their discussions way back in the beginning. Then there is one particular student that when I read her posts, I always just want to rip her apart. Like today I really wanted to reply, "Did you read the question? This really doesn't answer the question, either part of it!" Or I feel like saying, "Is that really true?" as she shares some outrageously untrue facts. And she constantly sends the class a mass email wanting to know some "duh" part of the instructions. This last paper she sent out like 3 emails asking how long our final paper had to be, and the instructions of the paper said "limit 5 pages." Or asking if anyone had problems downloading such and such file, because she figured it out and could help them. Really, I usually don't get that annoyed with people, but it seems like she just pushes my buttons just right.

Just 2 more weeks and they will be all over.

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