Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April VT - I got a Feeling!

For my April VT, I'm still without a partner, so I just kept it real simple. I made cupcakes for my Activity Day Girls, and since there are only 5, I still had lots left over. I frosted white cake mix cupcakes with some fluffy strawberry flavored icing and sprinkles. I attached the "I got a feeling" note from VistingTeaching.net. (You can laugh at the birthday print cupcake liners all you want... it went with the AD stuff and it's all I had!)

I really liked that quote too! I think women, probably more than men, receive inspirations through their emotions. I remember last year when we were looking at replacing our Alero and every time we would start to like a car, I would just git this incredibly sick feeling in my gut. I'm glad we listened to those feelings and Michael just didn't brush them off. I know at the time I was very unsure about why I felt that way-- whether I was just getting sick over the dollar amount or if it really was inspiration. Later events told me it was inspiration, but it's always nice to feel validated by prophets and his apostles!

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